Janus Bifrons

by analecta

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released December 13, 2011

all music written and performed by analecta
analecta is Kevin, Patrick & Calvin

guest artists on tracks three, five & seven
Ryan Rado, Leanore Ortega Till, Nathaniel South
Engineering & Mixing by Paulo Juarez
Recorded and Mixed by Paulo Juarez
Additional mixing by Jon Tidey
Produced by Paulo Juarez & analecta
Mastered by Carl Saff
album concept & artwork by analecta & neverwhere? design



all rights reserved


Honest Empire Records Washington, Illinois

Honest Empire Records is a midwest based independent record label.

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Track Name: there is life here
we lay on the cold pavement, staring at the dark sky through climbing man-made towers.
the night obscured by the glow of what humanity has created.

"why are we here?" he asks.

"who are we?" she echoes.

so we set out with the city at our backs.
one foot in front of the other.
six footprints crossing and fading in the desert sand.

"look at the sky" she says, pointing at the cloudless night.

neon lights silently fading to luminescent nebulas in the sky.
each step taking us away from a world that does not know us, and will not miss us.
this is a journey of self, of discovery.

"who am i?" the question that dies in his throat, bursting at her lips.
and i find that i also hold the question.

it burns within my heart, my lungs, my very soul.

in the distance i can see the peaks of distant mountains backlit by the night.
this is our compass, these windswept giants looming in the dark.
this is real beauty.
surrounded by the nothingness of night, a gentle wind awakening every fiber of my being.

there is life here.

he raises his arms like wings, spinning in circles.
each step we take goes unnoticed as if we are cushioned in the clouds.

"take flight, oh heart, take flight," she cries.

we are flying without leaving the ground.
Track Name: as the light bends and shifts
it is the morning breeze that i feel first.
warm across my face like the touch of a lovers fingers on my lips,
and i open my eyes to the rising sun.

we lay scattered across the desert floor.
the night wind having deposited us like three tiny icarus' across the sand.

had we flown too high?
melted our waxen wings and fallen to earth in our quest to find self?

"to the west" he says, pointing in the direction of the snow capped peaks in the distance.
"we travel on."

and with a cool wind in our hair, we continue forward, to the west.
i follow, the sun rises, hot on my back, tracing patterns down my neck and arms.
and as we set one foot in front of the other, the sun continues its march ever forward, ever upward.
the desert floor becomes waves in front of our eyes, ebbing and flowing.

"water" he cries, stumbling forward toward some unknown vision, but like any dream, it passes.

and then, as if to taunt us, the ground begins to move.
snaking and splitting beneath our feet.
and in the distance a great smoke rises, black and terrible as if some great city had burst into flame.
the sky becomes as night, and yet the heat does not subside.

and we dance as the distant flames burnes away the decay of time and long forgotten dreams.
dance with the abandon of childhood and freedom.

we are a living flame
Track Name: moving to the beat of the unseen
i could smell it for miles before we could see the waves lapping at the shore.
it permeated the air, over the stench of smoke and death.
it was a renewed hope.
a destination yet to reach.
and yet, in some way... an ending.

i close my eyes and let the salty air fill my lungs,
my mind filling with visions of slate and white-caps licking and falling into shallow pools on the rocks beyond.
my voice, lost to the heavens as i turned from the darkened sky and break from a walk into a run towards the seductive smell.
i can hear the beat of their footsteps behind me.
two, four, six feet hitting the ground in a perfect natural rhythm.

it is as if time has ceased to exist.
clamboring hand over foot over loose stone to reach the top of the cliffs.
grasping at loose pieces of rock, the sound of rushing water a salve on weary ears and limbs.

"just a few more steps, just a little bit further," she says, pushing ever upwards.

even as we climb, a fine mist falls on us.
a silent rain, and we welcome it with faces raised, hands lifted to the darkening sky.

and when we crest the cliff, we find ourselves staring down through iron walls at our own images.
laying motionless on cold pavement, staring at the night as the rain fell.

we had left in search of life and found it in ourselves.
(but) this was not an ending
this is a new beginning.
Track Name: it could have been the greatest escape
i will keep on!