Vanitas​/​Ghost Key Split

by Vanitas/Ghost Key

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released August 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Honest Empire Records Washington, Illinois

Honest Empire Records is a midwest based independent record label.

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Track Name: Vanitas - New Wind
Keep hope in our fathers
Give thanks for creation
The world is collapsing
We must stay sane

Years of waiting
Years of praying
Hold tight to our tales
And keep our heads up

This is everything collapsing
Days gone by

Our progress has always been
One step forward
And three more back
Track Name: Vanitas - Ashes
I hate what I am
Who put these thoughts in my head
My body is broken
And I have no words

Now I'm only
Running out of time
And I can't help but become
Everything I hate

How can you look up to me
When I can't stand the sight of myself
Stare into the glass
I said I'd never watch someone die
But I realized it's happening
Before my eyes

I'll end this before You get the chance
Tighten the rope
I've lost this fight

I am alone
Track Name: Ghost Key - Barriers
Break down these walls.
These so called barriers.
Just let me in and I can show you.

I can help, fix, and heal you.
I'm not making promises that I can't keep.

Walking blind down a path with not intention of return.
You'll reap what you've sown.
Walking blind, cold and empty
and so alone.

I’m reaching out- with all I have
But you’re the one- letting go

This life is only a lie
And you're digging yourself deeper
You've settled for lies and nothing but despair

I don’t know why I continue to try and help
All you are is a coward
Afraid to change yourself

Finding life too difficult
So you look to escape
You fill your mind with lies
Your body with poison

No matter what words I use
It’ll never work

If only I could quit
As easy as you
Track Name: Ghost Key - Steps
He gripped the neck of the bottle and took a drink. His only concern was making sure that he left not feeling a thing. Two bottles turned into twenty as he stumbled to put on his jacket and make his way out the door. He stopped and looked in the mirror and all he saw was a stranger. The he was ain't the man he is today. This wasn't him, and it wasn't the man he was raised to be.

When life took hold he looked to the poison to set him free.

All it took was a stumbled step and loss of balance. He lay broken in a ditch and no hope for help. But llittle did he know that hope came and saved his life. Pulled him out of the ditch and put him back into recovery in an effort to wipe him clean.

By God it worked. He's saved. A new man with a brighter future and he's building it to last. My father, my friend. My father, my blood. My father, my dad.